Friday, June 15, 2012

Pinterest, recipe and other ramblings :)

WOWZERS!!!!    It's been WAY to long!!!
No worries though I apparently have several blogs saved up for you that I typed but didn't publish??!!!
Silly, I know, but I blame it on..... the.... well actually ... we'll just call it LIFE :)

So who loves pinterest??  I DO I DO!!!  Ok so I am a PINTEREST ADDICT!!!!  not just a recent one a big huge pinterest addict...

ya want some weird history??? ---so last year .. about this time I kept stumbling across this website Pinterest every time I found images of crafty teacher stuff I liked .. so I decided to check it out and WHOA was I instantly drawn in
A couple days into looking on  it I realized it seemed slightly deja-vu-ish (is that a word??) yeah that's right apparently I had had used it temporarily the summer after  college??!! weird I know


I knew it had potential to take over my life so I instantly told myself I could only use it on Sundays during the "school" week hahaha ;)

So in that time I have managed to pin like a ba-zillion pins and like even more than a ba-zillion pins, all while continuing to read stalk the many blogs I enjoy... 
 Therefore I am not all to sure how I stumbled upon this recipe from  Cookies and Cups and her 2 ingredient fudge .. yes you read that CORRECTLY!!! 2 ingredients!!  

Then I happened to stumble upon Pillsbury's Pink LEMONADE frosting on a wal-mart shelf!!!
so next adventure Pink Lemonade Fudge!!!!

OK so the original recipe called for white chocolate chips and it just so happened I did not have those at the house but did have white almond bark... so this is my version I created :) .. and because I never do anything in the most simple form I added some random ingredients....

12oz white almond bark      
 this is what I had on hand    --------->>

1 can pink lemonade frosting 

squirt or so of lemon juice

packet of single serve raspberry lemonade
 (the kind you put in a water bottle) this is what I had on hand

1. melt chocolate-did mine on low on the stove stirring occasionally
2.  add frosting
3.  stir till chocolate and frosting is mixed completely

you could stop right here and pour it into your pan to cool and voila deliciousness is done..

BUT this is where I just felt like making it super lemonade-e !!

I added a squirt or so of lemon juice and a single packet of the raspberry lemonade
stirred until all mixed and now voila!!! I poured it into my pan and set it out to cool :)

Hope you enjoy!!

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